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Darrell Evora
Kathryn McCarthy
COO/General Counsel
Craig Wolfe
Chief Clinical Officer
Jason Gurahoo
Chief Financial Officer
Mark D. Edelstein
Medical Director
Eleanor Castillo Sumi
VP, Research & Program Development
Lisa Alegria
VP, Fund Development & Marketing
Ron Scott
VP, Human Resources
Rachael Clausen
VP, Shared Services
Gordon Richardson
VP, Clinical Administration
Brian Thomson
VP, Clinical Operations
Marilyn Bamford
Executive Director, Fresno Region
Elena Judd
Executive Director, Los Angeles Region
Don Taylor
Executive Director, Bay Area Region
Mary Sheppard
Executive Director, Capital Region
Maria Murillo
Executive Director, Inland Empire
Eva Terrazas
Sr. Director of Policy and Advocacy
Jacquelyn H. Torres
Deputy Director, Bay Area Region
Kirstin Reed
Corporate Compliance Officer

Subject Matter Experts

Eleanor Castillo Sumi
VP, Research & Program Development
Mark D. Edelstein
Medical Director

Help your community during the COVID-19 crisis

Uplift Family Services remains a critical resource for our children and families. Our incredible staff continue to deliver services to children and parents and assess their evolving needs during this pandemic.