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Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) are available for eligible children who need short-term behavioral support in addition to any other mental health services they are receiving. TBS’s goal is to help children avoid being placed in a higher level of care such as a residential treatment facility or to help children make a successful move to a lower level of care such as returning home after residential treatment.

TBS is a short-term program that focuses on changing a child’s behavior, while emphasizing the child’s strengths. TBS works in collaboration with the child, the child’s caregivers and the primary mental health provider to address 1 to 3 behaviors that jeopardize the child’s ability to remain in his or her current home.

TBS services are provided in the child’s home and other environments where the child’s behaviors occur. Services are approved for 30-60 days at a time and are expected to produce the desired changes within a few months.