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Foster care is a critical component of the services provided by Uplift Family Services and fulfilled by our dedicated resource families (formerly called foster families). Thousands of children and youth of varying ages, backgrounds, and levels of need in California are looking for a temporary home with a committed, nurturing family. Resource families provide the stable, supportive family these youth need to be successful in school, their communities, and beyond.

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The Foster Care Process at Uplift Family Services

The process of becoming a resource parent is straightforward and simple. The application process can take anywhere from 2-6 months, but our online portal makes it easy for you to fill out an application in the convenience of your home. If you prefer, our recruiters can assist you in person.

We have helped place hundreds of children and youth and matched them with families that can provide a safe and loving home. Our resource family recruiters will meet with you personally to discuss your foster care journey.

The initial paperwork is an application that includes a criminal record statement, agreement forms, and policy and procedure forms. Once completed, a resource family recruiter will contact you to set up an informational interview, start a family and child profile, complete a background check, and, finally, a home study is conducted to evaluate your readiness to foster. A few of the things we’re assessing during the interview and home study include:

  • Is the home safe for fostering a child or youth?
  • Do all your household members share the same excitement and goals of expanding your family?
  • Is there adequate room for the new child?
    • This does not require a large home. We only want to ensure each child has a separate bed, closet space, and a chest of drawers, among other requirements.
  • Although not required, does/do the applicant(s) have experience with children?
  • Other information pertaining to your background, family history, health, and financial information
  • Your ability and motivation to parent a child


To learn more about the process, read our FAQ’s about foster care at Uplift Family Services.

Who Can Be a Foster/Resource Parent?

Any family or person over the age of 21, regardless of religious affiliation, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, or income is welcome to foster or adopt youth.

foster care familyA resource parent should be ready to provide a stable, loving residence whether that be a house, apartment, or mobile home. Ideally, a resource parent’s first priority is to help ensure the best outcome for the youth, whether that be reunification with a biological family member or adoption.

It’s not uncommon to have reservations about fostering a child or youth. Many of the families who now serve as resource parents with us had a lot of questions in the beginning. This is normal and a positive sign, as it shows you are serious and truly care about the outcome for the youth. Our resource family recruiters are happy to answer your questions over the phone or you can read our FAQ’s about fostering a child.

Over the past few years, we have dedicated our agency to redesigning the way in which we provide support and services to resource families, the state of California, and, above all, youth in the foster care system and their families. Uplift Family Services is committed to the changes in foster care that were laid out in the Continuum of Care Reform enacted by the California Legislature.

What is the Continuum of Care Reform?

The Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) is a policy framework that draws together a series of existing and new reforms to our child welfare services program in the state of California. These reforms were designed based on the knowledge that children who must live apart from their biological parents do best when they are cared for in committed, nurturing family homes. The goal of CCR is to ensure services provided to children and youth are tailored toward the ultimate goal of maintaining in a stable, permanent family.

Foster Care and Adoption Services are offered across our San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento regions with office locations in Los Gatos, Modesto, Sacramento, and Stockton.



Read our FAQ’s about fostering a child or discover the different types of foster care.


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