Continuum of Crisis Care | Uplift Family Services

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Our Continuum of Crisis Services includes Mobile Response Stabilization Services, Post-Crisis Stabilization Services, and the Crisis Stabilization Unit, which work together to help children recover from traumatic experiences in a safe and caring environment.

The Mobile Response Stabilization Services provides 24-hour intervention to children and teens in the community who are in acute psychological crisis. Included is a 5150 assessment along with safety planning and referrals to community-based mental health services. Length of service is two to four hours.

Post-Crisis Stabilization Services provide skill development, parenting support, behavior analysis, safety planning and access to ongoing community-based mental health services. Weekly child and family team meetings ensure the appropriate services are being provided to the child or teen. Length of service is one to 90 days.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit is available for children and teens on a psychiatric hold who receive short-term emergency assessment and stabilization instead of going to the hospital. Services include crisis assessment, youth and caregiver safety planning, referral and aftercare planning and referral to Community Transition Services for ongoing mental health services. Length of service is up to 23 hours and 59 minutes.

Services are available to Santa Clara County youth who are under the age of 18 and are unable to care for themselves due to a severe mental illness or who are in immediate danger of either harming themselves or others.

If you have a child in crisis, call the Mobile Response program’s 24-hour crisis hotline at (408) 379-9085 or toll-free 1-877-41-CRISIS.