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Stories of Hope

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At the age of 42, Linda was referred to the Specialty Applied Behavior Analysis program at Uplift Family Services after she was diagnosed with an intellectual disability, anorexia, and agoraphobia.


Lucía’s mother was the family’s primary breadwinner, but with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, she promptly lost her housekeeping and waitressing jobs. The bills began to pile up.


Mae was always an outgoing young lady who enjoyed spending time with her family and friends, but at some point, her mother noticed that her daughter was behaving differently, quickly losing weight, and appearing withdrawn.


At age 14, Maricel has a bright and promising future that includes college, a career as a teacher, and a loving, supportive relationship with her dad and other family members.


Matthias was referred to the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program when he was 15 years old after assaulting his mother and being placed on probation through the Family Behavioral Health Court.


By the time Megan entered high school, she was suffering with major depression, OCD and debilitating anxiety, issues that were probably genetically inherited.

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