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Stories of Hope

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By the time Megan entered high school, she was suffering with major depression, OCD and debilitating anxiety, issues that were probably genetically inherited.


At times, Phoebe and her mother had a roof over their heads, but at others, they were homeless, residing in shelters. She experienced traumas ranging from bad boyfriends to sexual abuse, and was unsure where to turn for support.


After suffering neglect from her drug-addicted mom and abuse by her stepfather, Samantha entered foster care at age six. She bounced around eight foster homes before she landed at an Uplift Family Services’ foster home.


Although six-year-old Sienna had some verbal skills, which is not true for all children on the Autism Spectrum, her ability to express herself was limited and her social skills were poor.


Victor overcame some of the most traumatic events imaginable to be where he is today. He and his family are a testament to resilience and perseverance.

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