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Stories of Hope

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Emmett was home-schooled during his teen years, which negatively impacted his social and communications skills, and eventually lead to depression and extreme social anxiety.


When Jocelyn was six, she and her older sister were removed from home because of abuse and severe neglect. A drug-addicted mother and a drug-dealing pimp father were what they knew as family.


The world had always been a scary place for Jose. Leaving home, attending school and other normal daily activities resulted in high anxiety, insomnia and irritable behavior.

Krystal, Emmett, & Wyatt

Five-year-old Krystal was matched with Michelle and Justin less than three months after the couple was certified as resource parents through Uplift Family Services, and a few months later, five-month-old Emmett was also placed with them.

Latasha & Miles

When we first met Miles and Latasha, they were scared and homeless, living in a temporary shelter with their mother, who had finally worked up the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend after discovering he was also hitting Miles.


At four years of age, Leo used single words to communicate, engaged in repetitive play, and struggled with eye contact.

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