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Stories of Hope

Meet some of the people whose lives we’ve helped turn around.


After receiving emergency medical treatment for ingesting a large quantity of pills, Ada was transferred to Uplift Family Services’ Crisis Stabilization Unit.

Alex & Simon

At just five years of age, Alex and Simon were removed from their home due to abuse and severe neglect. The boys were physically and verbally aggressive, distrusting of others, and continually running away from home.

Anthony & Isaiah

After years of witnessing their parents’ abusive relationship, 12-year-old Anthony became violent and had daily meltdowns, while his younger brother, Isaiah, became extremely withdrawn as a result of his brother’s extreme behavior and bullying.


Asha was feeling mad and lonely all the time, questioning if she could trust anyone, and locking herself in her bathroom with headphones on to isolate herself.


Through Bryan’s school, his mother found out about Uplift Family Services and its Outpatient Program.


After two years in foster care due to severe neglect at home, four-year-old Cassandra was able to be reunified with her mother. However, due to her early trauma, she had aggressive and dangerous behaviors.

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