Stories of Hope | Uplift Family Services

Stories of Hope

Meet some of the people whose lives we’ve helped turn around.


Asha was feeling mad and lonely all the time, questioning if she could trust anyone, and locking herself in her bathroom with headphones on to isolate herself.


Through Bryan’s school, his mother found out about Uplift Family Services and its Outpatient Program.


Year after year they sought advice from one doctor after another, even some neurologists. Eventually, each doctor said they had done all they could.


Dylan was in danger of being sent to a group home, so the Department of Social Services (DSS) referred him to the Family Finding program at Uplift Family Services in hopes of finding him a permanent home with a family.


Following her parents’ alcohol-related, fatal car crash, Ebony moved in with her grandmother who loved her very much, but was frail and didn’t think she’d be able to care for Ebony much longer.


After losing both her parents, Elena’s older sister, Penelope, became the family’s primary caregiver. However, Penelope felt overwhelmed because of Elena’s anger issues.

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