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Who Can Be a Foster Parent?

Any family or person regardless of religious affiliation or whether they are male or female, single or married, or identify as LGBTQ is able to foster or adopt a child or teen.

A foster parent should be ready, able, and have the resources to provide a stable, loving family and home, whether that be a house, apartment, or mobile home.

Core Competencies of Foster Parents

  • Protect and nurture children
  • Meet the child’s developmental needs and address developmental delays
  • Support relationships between children and their biological families
  • Connect children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime
  • Work as a member of a professional team

It’s not uncommon to have reservations about fostering or adopting a child or teenager. Many of the families who now serve as foster parents with us had a lot of questions in the beginning. Our resource family recruiters are happy to talk with you over the phone or in person to answer your questions.




Read our FAQ’s about fostering a child.

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