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Turn Key Events

You can help Uplift Family Services by volunteering your time (or your group's time) in a number of ways.

turnkey-mainAre you a local business that wants to know how you can give back to the neediest in our community?

Uplift Family Services is always looking for business partners to help raise money and awareness for the children and families we serve. In the past, businesses of all sizes have helped by:

  • Designated one day as “Uplift Family Services” day, and donated a percentage of the sales to Uplift Family Services.
  • Held a open house at the store to help raise awareness or donations for Uplift Family Services.
  • Organized a fund raising event such as a golf or bowling tournament, or walk / swim-a-thon, or a charity luncheon / fashion show.

Uplift Family Services' fundraising department is here to help you launch, plan and support your fundraising efforts. We are willing to come to your event, speak about Uplift Family Services' programs, and provide literature and brochures. Call us today to make your fundraising idea a reality!

Darren DeMonsi for the Bay Area Region (408) 364-4058, ddemonsi@upliftfs.org
Kathleen Felesina for the Los Angeles Region (323) 769-7142, kathleen.felesina@upliftfs.org
Hillary Gaines for the Capital Region (916) 388-6400, hgaines@upliftfs.org