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Toy & Gift Card Donations

You can help Uplift Family Services by volunteering your time (or your group's time) in a number of ways.

toysorgiftcards-mainHave a special occasion coming up but don’t need any more gifts? Would you like to turn your special day into a fund-raiser for our children and families?

Uplift Family Services is always in need of new unwrapped toys for kids of all ages. These gifts are used year round to help celebrate therapeutic milestones, incentive plans, birthdays, graduations, and major holidays such as Christmas. Often these items are used for a child or family therapy plan, for instance mp3 players, journals, and sporting goods help channel a child’s frustration and pain in positive ways. Family board games help family members engage with each other while the television is off. Duffle bags and luggage are given to children moving between placements who may not have anything to carry their clothes and personal items in.

Items we particularly are in need of include:

  1. Family board games (Sorry, Life, Clue, Monopoly, etc.) for multiple players and a wide variety of ages
  2. Sporting goods: basketball, football, soccerball, volleyball, kickball, plush balls
  3. Duffle bags in neutral colors (no red, blue, etc.), black and grey are good
  4. MP3 players (non-iPod) for $40 and under
  5. Art supplies for kids of all ages and abilities
  6. Journals in masculine and feminine colors
  7. Infant toys
  8. Musical instruments like guitars, keyboards, drum pads, etc. (Used is OK!)
  9. Action figures, Barbies, Bratz dolls, remote control cars and airplanes
  10. Backpacks in neutral colors with age appropriate school supplies

We are not in need of stuffed animals or books right now. We can use giftcards in $25 denominations to Safeway and Target which help our families in times of extreme need. Safeway giftcards are given to help supplement non-perishable foodbank resources with perishable fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Please contact us.

Darren DeMonsi for the Bay Area Region (408) 364-4058, ddemonsi@upliftfs.org
Kathleen Felesina for the Los Angeles Region (323) 769-7142, kathleen.felesina@upliftfs.org
Laura Mock for the Central Region (559) 246-8223, lmock@upliftfs.org
Hillary Gaines for the Capital Region (916) 388-6400, hgaines@upliftfs.org
Whikesha Vann for the Inland Empire Region (909) 266-2708, wvann@upliftfs.org