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Wraparound Services (Program UPLIFT®)

The Wraparound process provides individualized, comprehensive, community-based services and supports to children and adolescents with serious emotional and/or behavioral disturbances so they can be reunited and/or remain with their families and communities.

Counties Served:

> Fresno
> Los Angeles
> Madera
> Nevada
> Placer
> Riverside
> Santa Clara
> Sacramento
> San Bernardino

*Specific county information is located below. If you do not see your county listed below, please call your county office by clicking the link above.


Wraparound is based on a model of service that develops plans focusing on the individual strengths and needs of members of the family. Plans center on the family, and are built upon the child's and family's unique strengths.

Wraparound helps families rediscover hope. Active crisis and safety planning minimize uncertainty and fear. Through Wraparound, families develop an effective support network, increase their sense of competence, acquire new skills for managing the special needs of their child, and have access to the supportive resources they need to build brighter futures for themselves.

Uplift Family Services's commitment to the children we serve is unconditional - over time and through all of life's ups and downs.

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Santa Clara County: Program UPLIFT®

Program UPLIFT is a service collaboration of Uplift Family Services and the Santa Clara County Departments of Social Services, Mental Health and Juvenile Probation.

How does a child receive services from this program?
Referrals are made by the Santa Clara County Departments of Family and Children Services, Juvenile Probation and Mental Health.

How do I get more information?
Call Uplift Family Services Client Services at (408) 379-3796.

Sacramento County: Wraparound and Fast Track

Uplift Family Services provides Wraparound services in collaboration with Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Mental Health. In partnership with Wraparound Sacramento staff, the child, his or her family, and members of their support system work as a team to identify strengths, needs and goals. This team develops, facilitates and continually evaluates a comprehensive plan of services and resources.

Fast Track
Fast Track provides short term, intensive services to families who are involved with the child welfare system and are at risk of having their children removed from their care or probation youth re-entering the community who are at risk of recidivism.

The goal of this program is to keep families safely together by stengthening protective factors and connecting them with community resources that will support their continued success after discharge. Services usually last 3-4 months.

A plan may include the following services on an as-needed basis:

  • Care coordination using a Wraparound child and family team approach, emphasizing family voice and sustainable supports
  • Coaching and mentoring regarding safety planning and parent/child interaction
  • Help connecting to community resources
  • Support during crisis
  • Support through the court process
  • Initial mental health assessments for children and youth
  • For eligible beneficiaries, a complete array of specialty mental health services to improve cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning
  • Evidence based practices and research proven interventions, as appropriate
  • Education on child development and needs

This program is funded by Sacramento County Wraparound Achieved Savings.

How does a child receive services from this program?
Fast Track referrals are made by a child protective services social worker or a juvenile probation officer.

Wraparound referrals are made by the Sacramento County departments of Mental Health, Children's Protective Services, and Probation.

How do I get more information?
Call the Uplift Family Services offices at (916) 388-6400.

San Bernardino and Riverside Counties

Program Uplift® - San Bernardino County
Program UPLIFT® is designed to assist families in reaching their family vision and goals. With the assistance from the Wraparound team, families are able to locate and secure resources in their own communities, develop a family safety plan, and learn to apply their own planning process to solve problems unique to their own family.

How does a child receive services from this program?
Referrals are made by the Department of Children's Services, Department of Behavioral Health, and the Probation Department.

How do I get more information?
Contact the Uplift Family Services offices at (909) 266-2700.

Program UPLIFT®, Early Wraparound - San Bernardino County
Program UPLIFT®, Early Wraparound serves children and their families from the ages of 0 to 15 who may have emotional disturbances and co-occurring disorders. The County of San Bernardino refers children who are unserved or underserved. Uplift Family Services staff will collaborate with the San Bernardino County Children's Crisis mobile team to educate, assist, and develop a community partnership with families who may need short-term wraparound-like support.

How does a child receive services from this program?
Children are referred by the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health.

How do I get more information?
Contact Uplift Family Services at (909) 266-2700.

Program UPLIFT® (Wraparound) - San Bernardino and Riverside

Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities
This specialized UPLIFT ® (Wraparound) program is a family-focused intervention and support program offered to children/youth up to 25 years old with developmental disabilities and their families. This program brings behavioral and community service experts into the lives and homes of families, helping them to manage difficult behavior and adding support with expanded involvement from caring family, friends and neighbors as well as other community resources. Some of the specific resources include: safety planning to support behavioral stabilization behavioral analysis, and effective positive behavior management strategies; environmental interventions at home, school or other settings; parenting and other skills coaching; support in assessing and accessing educational or other needs; and 24/7 on-call support for unplanned service needs.

How does a child receive services from this program?
Referrals to the Program UPLIFT® (Wraparound) are made through the Inland Regional Center.

How do I get more information?
Call IRC at (909) 890-3000 or Uplift Family Services at (909) 266-2700.

For more information about Wraparound Services in your county, please contact Uplift Family Services at (408) 379-3790.

Confidentiality of Uplift Family Services children and families has been preserved through the use of models. Some stories may be composites of multiple cases.