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Matrix Program

The Matrix program works with youth (ages 13 through emancipation in Santa Clara County and ages four to 18 in Fresno County) in the child welfare system to ensure that they make a successful transition to adulthood. Matrix serves youth who would otherwise be placed in a receiving center or group home due to difficulty finding an appropriate foster family placement. Matrix is supportive of youth who have non-traditional families or limited community support.

Matrix is an innovative community-based alternative for high-risk youth. The service strategy is designed to use community resources as much as possible to foster independence from the public system (dependency) and to provide a less restrictive and more normalized living situation for youth. Ultimately Matrix strives to ensure that by individualizing plans to meet the needs of youth, they will remain safe & productive in the community.

Matrix services include:

  • Wraparound services - ensure youth receive mental health care and social services according to their individual needs.
  • Professional Parent placement - Professional Parents are foster parents who have received intensive training in working with at-risk youth. Professional Parents have no more than two children in their care at one time, to ensure each child receives a high level of attention. Placements are short-term while permanent homes are sought.
  • Family Search and Engagment/Family Finding services - for youth who have lost all contact with their families of origin while in the foster system. Matrix seeks to reconnect youth with relatives who can provide a loving, stable family connection, to ensure that every child has a family support network.
  • Emancipation programs - prepare youth to make a successful transition to adulthood. Matrix works in collaboration with community partners.

The Matrix program's philosophy is to identify each youth's strengths and build on those. Matrix staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Matrix works with the youth and their families, extended families or foster families, schools, county agencies and community resources. Treatment is designed to honor caregivers, family members, and all members of a youth's team.

Counties Served:

> Santa Clara - How do I get more information? Call Uplift Family Services Client Services at (408) 379-3796.

> Fresno  - How do I get more information? Call Uplift Family Services at (559) 248-8550.

All services are not offered in every county. Please call (408) 379-3790 for more information.