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Experiential Therapy

Children sometimes have difficulty expressing themselves in words, especially if they have been abused or neglected, or are suffering from a mental illness or emotional disorder. This can make traditional "talk" therapy difficult. Many children find it easier to express themselves through Experiential Therapy, which includes art, music, dance, and recreation therapy, as well as pet-assisted and equine therapy.

Uplift Family Services' Experiential Therapy program is available for children who are already receiving other Uplift Family Services services.

A sampling of Experiential Therapy programs includes:

  • Recreation Therapy - using art, drama, games, problem solving and sports to teach important life skills.
  • Art Classes- led by an artist-in-residence who teaches the children about painting and drawing, which provide a creative outlet for feelings of joy, sorrow, anger and alienation.
  • Pet Assisted Therapy - applying the therapeutic value of animals.
  • Summer Swimming - including recreational swimming and swimming lessons for children enrolled in Uplift Family Services 24/7 and day treatment programs.

Every session includes an opportunity for children to discuss skills they've learned and how to transfer these skills to other areas of their lives. Between 70 and 100 children participate in the program each week.

Counties Served:

> Santa Clara

How does a child receive services from this program?
Experiential Therapy is only available for youth already receiving another Uplift Family Services service.

How do I get more information?
For a referral to the program, call the Client Services Center at (408) 379-3796.

All services are not offered in every county. Please call (408) 379-3790 for more information.