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Wraparound Studies

In 1992, after an extensive review of evidence-based literature and a major benchmarking process to identify the most effective service approaches for the most seriously emotionally disturbed children in the system, we launched California’s first Wraparound program, Program UPLIFT®.

Well-documented studies show that California’s child welfare system is failing to protect the children in spite of the investment of billions of dollars. Studies also demonstrate that we can spend the same money and get far, far better results for the children and families we serve. We have a moral and ethical obligation to do more of what does work, and less of what doesn’t. We owe that to the children, their families, and our community. We must have the courage to change for their sake and our own.

The following documents are useful for those seeking more information about the Wraparound Philosophy.

> Foster Care vs. Wraparound
> Residential vs. Wraparound
> The Case for Wraparound

Wraparound Program Details