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Join One of the Uplift Family Services Volunteer Auxiliaries

A great way to help Uplift Family Services raise funds for a variety of children's programs is to become a volunteer at one of our auxiliaries.

These organized and motivated groups of volunteers demonstrate excellent leadership in coordinating major fundraising projects for the sole benefit of Uplift Family Services. They provide a broad base of community support as they raise annual funds for Uplift Family Services services and programs. We recognize the superlative efforts of these volunteers who contribute time and effort to help children and families.

Uplift Family Services Guild / Happy Dragon Thrift Shop

The Uplift Family Services Guild which operates the Happy Dragon Thrift Shop began in 1958 after a group of ladies organized a rummage sale and with the proceeds opened up a thrift shop. The Happy Dragon provides a double service to the community as it recycles quality goods and is a thriving fundraising business.

Volunteers outside the Happy Dragon Thrift ShopThe Happy Dragon Thrift Shop

245 West Main Street
Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 354-4072

The Almaden League of Uplift Family Services / The Unicorn Thrift Shop

The Unicorn Thrift Shop has tripled its square footage since it was established in 1993. Almaden League of Uplift Family Services has continually surpassed all expectations and succeeded in developing sound business practices that have sustained a successful retail outlet.

Unicorn Thrift Shop VolunteersThe Unicorn Thrift Shop

1181 Redmond Avenue
San Jose, CA 95120(408) 997-9188

Uplift Family Services Junior Auxiliary / The Butter Paddle Gift Shop

Since 1934, the Junior Auxiliary of Uplift Family Services has been serving the needs of children - originally for the Home of Benevolence, which is now Uplift Family Services. During World War II, these ladies used their own ration tickets to provide cake for the children. In 1967, the Butter Paddle was opened as an on-going fundraising project to help children.

Volunteers outside the Butter Paddle Gift Shop in Los Gatos.The Butter Paddle
33 N. Santa Cruz Ave.
Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 867-1678