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Become a Foster Family that Helps Turn a Child’s Life Around

60-Day Professional Parent Program Helps Kids Heal from Crisis, Trauma

What if in just 60 days, you could forever change the life of a child or teen? Today there are thousands of children who are traumatized in their homes and then ‘lost’ in the system. What they need is a person like you to provide unconditional acceptance, comfort and love – and a safe place to begin to heal.


Right now in Santa Clara County, there is an urgent need for foster families. Through our short, 60-day Professional Parents program, Uplift Family Services and you can give that teen a chance to start rewriting their own history.

Support for Foster Families

By participating, you’ll receive special training and a large supportive team to work with. Not only will you have the rewarding feeling of being the turning point in a child’s life, but you’ll also receive generous financial support.

“His professional parents were nothing shy of superheroes. Day in and day out, they nurtured and loved him through his anger and hurt, and accepted him. Their consistency was our greatest intervention.” ~Adoptive parents of a 5-year-old boy

How It Works

AA-mom-and-teen-son---resizeOur 60-day Professional Parents commit to provide unconditional care to the child or teen matched to their home. Many of the children have ‘bounced’ in foster care and been moved from home to home. Part of the commitment our parents make is to work through any challenges that may come up during those 60 days rather than reject the child once more.

This consistency and constant support creates an environment for the child to begin healing from the trauma they may have endured – and it may be the first time in the child's life that they experience such support and acceptance. You’ll help the child begin to change the sense of crisis and trauma they are experiencing and prepare them to transition to a more permanent home in the future.

You and your foster child will be supported from the first day and the whole way through. Our team helps ensure the safety and success of the child and works with you to identify where the child needs support – be it therapy, counselling, mentoring or coaching – and immediately connects them to these services.

Professional Parenting

  • $2,500.00 monthly support
  • Short term placements up to 60 days
  • Crisis response, 24/7 stand-by quick response
  • Commitment to care for child matched for 60 days
  • Extensive professional training
  • No other children living in the home under age 18
  • We also have a 6 month program, learn more

Your commitment to these children will make the difference in their lives and help us to set them up for the best chance for a healthy and hopeful future.

Find Out More

For more information on how to become a Professional Parent in partnership with Uplift Family Services, contact us at (408) 874-7111. You can also fill out an information request. (en Español)