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Success Stories

Ryan’s Story

I hadn't been home for Christmas in four years. I missed my family.

Ryan was reunited with his family,
just in time for Christmas.

He hadn't lived at home since he was 11 years old. A debilitating disease left his mother unable to handle his severe behavioral problems. Disruptive, abusive and threatening to younger siblings, Ryan was removed from his family. After several failed attempts in foster care, he was placed in a group home four hours away from his family in Sacramento. Then Uplift Family Services came into the picture. Our Wraparound service, an innovative family centered, community-based program, helped Ryan learn to cope with his anger.

Ryan missed his family. Surrounded by strangers instead of the people he loved, he struggled to get through each day. Because of his mother's condition, the four hour trip to see her son was difficult. As a result, Ryan rarely got to see his mother or younger sisters. At 15 years old, Ryan dreamed of someday going home to live with his family. Ryan was reunited with his family just in time for the holidays—a dream come true. Because of the Uplift Family Services Wraparound program, Ryan has the support he needs to live at home—and his family has the support they need to welcome him. Ryan is happy, and his younger siblings are thrilled to have their big brother back. He's enjoying school, has friends down the street and is looking forward to his new life at home. To Ryan, this is "the best Christmas ever."

Confidentiality of Uplift Family Services children and families has been preserved through the use of models. Some stories may be composites of multiple cases.