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Solano County

Contact Information

2420 Martin Road, Suite 200
Fairfield, CA 94534
Tel (707) 399-4520
Fax (707) 399-4521

To contact Foster Care and Adoption call: (877) 488-5437

Services Provided in this County

  • Partnership for Early Access for Kids (PEAK)



    a partnership of multiple community agencies that provides developmental and emotional screenings, parent and provider education, counseling, and referrals. Services are provided to children from birth to age 5 in Solano County. Services are provided in Spanish and English.

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  • Early Childhood Mental Health



    Identifying and helping at-risk families with young children can prevent problems from spiraling out of control and becoming serious emotional disorders that surface years later. These Uplift Family Services services help families nurture their children in the early years of life, through home counseling visits, parenting workshops, health care, dental care, mental health services, and more.

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  • Family Finding



    Helps reconnect foster children with safe, healthy family members and speed their recovery from emotional trauma. Using internet search technology, we are able to find biological family members for children in the system. Once we have identified family members, we work to reestablish relationships and explore ways to find a permanent family placement for the child.

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  • Foster Care and Adoption Services



    Uplift Family Services places children ages birth through 21, who have been referred by the court, in certified foster homes. We provide ongoing support services to foster children and families. Our staff works directly with immediate and extended biological family to facilitate reunification and permanency. For the child whose permanent plan is adoption, we are a custodial adoption agency licensed by the State of California to provide a full range of adoption services.

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No child will be discriminated against because of race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability.