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Santa Clara County

Contact Information

251 Llewellyn Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
Tel (408) 379-3790

Client Services
Tel (408) 379-3796 (Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

For after-hour and weekend emergencies, contact Uplift Family Services's Mobile Crisis Program at (408) 379-9085 or toll-free (877) 41-CRISIS (412-7474).

To contact Foster Care and Adoption call: (877) 488-5437

To contact Autism Spectrum Disorder Services call: (800) 906-0862

Services Provided in this County

  • 24/7 Intensive Family Services



    Highly structured, 24-hour-a-day treatment program that provides a nurturing place for children to live in a neighborhood setting. Through a strength-based, family centered planning process, the team works in partnership to identify what skills and resources are needed. Services include psychiatric assessment, evaluations, medication and therapy for individual children or groups of children and their families. > Full Service Description
  • Addiction Prevention Services



    Informs and educates youth, families, schools and communities about the dangers of adolescent drug and alcohol use, prescription pill swapping, teen pregnancy, and other unhealthy behavior choices. Within identified schools and communities, APS supports children, teens and families in and out of the classroom.

    > Full Service Description

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Services



    Uplift Family Services works closely with families, primary and specialty care physicians, pediatricians, schools and community agencies to provide and coordinate a continuum of high quality services. The program serves children with ASD and other developmental disabilities and their families at home, school or our clinic. Our extensive services for children and families range from assessments to home-based and school consultation to professional development.

    > Full Service Description

  • Continuum of Crisis Services



    When a child or teen is in immediate crisis, including facing possible hospitalization, we are here to help with a range of services to provide swift care and safety. The Continuum of Crisis Services includes the Mobile Crisis and Community Transition Teams which work together to help children recover from traumatic experiences in a safe and caring environment.

    > Full Service Description
  • Experiential Therapy



    Children sometimes have difficulty expressing themselves in words, especially if they've been abused or neglected, or are suffering from a mental illness or emotional disorder. Many find it easier to express themselves through art, music, dance, recreation therapy, or pet-assisted and equine therapy.

    > Full Service Description

  • Family Finding



    Helps reconnect foster children with safe, healthy family members and speed their recovery from emotional trauma. Using internet search technology, we are able to find biological family members for children in the system. Once we have identified family members, we work to reestablish relationships and explore ways to find a permanent family placement for the child.

    > Full Service Description

  • Family Therapeutic Services (Outpatient)



    Traditional clinic-based and community-based treatment services offered at home and in school for individual children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders and for family members in crisis. Family Therapeutic Services (Outpatient) helps children and their families alleviate suffering, recover from trauma, restore and maintain a healthy level of day-to-day functioning, and work toward optimal growth and development at home and in the community.

    > Full Service Description
  • First 5



    Identifying and helping at-risk families with young children can prevent problems from spiraling out of control and becoming serious emotional disorders that surface years later. These Uplift Family Services services help families nurture their children in the early years of life, through home counseling visits, parenting workshops, health care, dental care, mental health services, and more.

    > Full Service Description

  • Foster Care and Adoption Services



    Uplift Family Services places children ages birth through 21, who have been referred by the court, in certified foster homes. We provide ongoing support services to foster children and families. Our staff works directly with immediate and extended biological family to facilitate reunification and permanency. For the child whose permanent plan is adoption, we are a custodial adoption agency licensed by the State of California to provide a full range of adoption services.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment



    Serves children and teens, ages 5-19, in the child welfare system who are experiencing obstacles in different life domains, or who are at risk of becoming further involved in the juvenile justice system. Intensive Outpatient Services provides services tailored to the unique strengths, values and norms of each child and family and offers an array of services.

    > Full Service Description
  • Intensive Treatment Foster Care



    Uplift Family Services places children ages birth through 21, who have been referred by the court, in certified foster homes. We provide ongoing support services to foster children and families. Our staff works directly with immediate and extended biological family to facilitate reunification and permanency. For the child whose permanent plan is adoption, we are a custodial adoption agency licensed by the State of California to provide a full range of adoption services.

    > Full Service Description




    Children and teens referred to KATIE A are experiencing obstacles that threaten their home, relative or foster care placements or are at-risk of developing mental health challenges. The program helps stabilize home placements and supports family reunification, stabilization and overall well-being.

    > Full Service Description
  • Matrix Program



    The Matrix program works with youth (ages vary by County) in the child welfare system to ensure that they make a successful transition to adulthood. Matrix serves youth who would otherwise be placed in a receiving center or group home (varies by County) due to difficulty finding an appropriate foster family placement. Matrix is supportive of youth who have non-traditional families or limited community support.

    > Full Service Description
  • Prevention and Early Intervention Services



    In-home support and case management services for families whose potential child welfare case has been assessed and not formally opened, but who still have needs. Focuses on enhancing parenting, communication and obtaining community resources.

    > Full Service Description

  • Psychiatric Services



    Our staff of highly qualified child and adolescent psychiatrists specializes in treating children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders and their families. As members of the treatment team, our psychiatrists perform evaluations and prescribe medication. Uplift Family Services is a leader in behavioral and mental health issues for children and adolescents, focused on treating the whole person and providing individualized assessments and treatment plans that include the child's and family's sociocultural context.

    > Full Service Description

  • School-based Treatment



    Provides mental health services in the context of a regular school day. The students spend a class period or a partial day in the enhanced classroom where they receive academic instruction combined with mental health support services. The balance of the day is spent in mainstreamed classrooms.

    > Full Service Description

  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services



    Available for eligible children who need short-term behavioral support in addition to any other mental health services they are receiving. The goal is to help children avoid being placed in a higher level of care, such as residential treatment, or to help children make a successful move to a lower level of care, such as returning home after residential treatment. TBS focuses on changing a child's behavior while emphasizing the child's strengths and works in collaboration with the child, caregivers and primary mental health provider.

    > Full Service Description
  • Wraparound (Program UPLIFT®)



    Wraparound offers individualized, comprehensive, community-based services and supports to children and teens with serious emotional and/or behavioral disturbances so they can be reunited or remain with their families and communities. Wraparound is based on a model of service that develops plans centered on the family and are built upon the child's and family's unique strengths.

    > Full Service Description

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Customer Services Center

In Santa Clara County, the Customer Services Center is the single point of access to Uplift Family Services's continuum of treatment services. Our goal is to coordinate all referrals, initial intake and admissions for service efficiently, consistently and appropriately. The Customer Services staff is knowledgeable about Uplift Family Services services, including the referral process, the components of each Uplift Family Services program, and the funding criteria.

What does the Customer Services Center do?

  • Provides intake and referral phone screening for children and their families and community care providers inquiring about or seeking services at Uplift Family Services
  • Provides information about Uplift Family Services's continuum of care
  • Gathers information and processes referrals
  • Coordinates efforts with other care providers within Uplift Family Services and throughout the community
  • Assesses the level of severity of a situation (risk)
  • Coordinates admission to the appropriate level of care for each referred child
  • Helps obtain access to appropriate services
  • Offers information about other community resources, as needed
  • Is the administrative center for enrolling Customers into Uplift Family Services treatment programs
  • Provides information about access to public mental health funding streams

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No child will be discriminated against because of race/ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability.