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January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015

Gifts in Honor of

For the Birthday of Eric Andersen
Mr. Matthew Schwarz
For the Birthday of Kelly Ireland
Teresa R. Catton
For the Birthday of Marjorie Scianna
Gail Scianna
For the Marriage of Jim Bilger
and Neal Freundlich
Jana L. Turner
In Honor of Anne Wojcicki
Ana E. Akhtar
Bahram and Anna Kermani
In Honor of Cheryl Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bailey
In Honor of Fred Pederson
Darren and Janice DeMonsi
Mr. and Mrs. Terry T. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kron
Mr. Richard Thesing
Ms. Deanna Knickerbocker
The Honorable Leonard P. Edwards
In Honor of Jesus Christ
Ms. Melissa Campos
In Honor of John Albanese
David V. Alaimo
In Honor of Julia and Michael Connolly
Peter A. and
Elizabeth S. Cohn Foundation, Inc.
In Honor of Roger Barney's 75th Birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Gentner
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Landgraf
Ralph and Doreen Marsh
In Honor of Tony
Ms. Allison W. Railo
In Honor of William (Bill) Del Biaggio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Domine


Gifts in Memory of

In Memory of Bess Franich
Mr. John Franich
In Memory of Christian Ayala
Almaden League of
Uplift Family Services-Unicorn Thrift Shop
In Memory of Claire E. Der Torossian
Tina Der Torossian, D.D.S.
In Memory of Craig P. Brown
Mr. Darrell Evora
In Memory of Ellen Larsen
Mr. Karl B. Larsen
In Memory of Florence M. Bradford
Western Forge & Flange Company
In Memory of Gary Karinen
Judy Karinen
In Memory of George and Joan Pappy
Ms. Elizabeth M. Pappy
In Memory of George Markell
Harriet Markell
In Memory of George Paul Allard
Mr. Gordon Klein
In Memory of Judith Nelson
John J.  and Marian G. Hager
In Memory of Kathe Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Manny Macias
In Memory of Lewis and Gisa Kowkabany
Ms. Marina Scott
In Memory of Loren Wolfe
Ms. Lisa Alegria
Ms. Laurel Mechling
In Memory of Lorrain Melton
Almaden League of Uplift Family Services-Unicorn Thrift Shop
Almaden Women's Golf Club
In Memory of Marianne Blanc
Uplift Family Services Guild-Happy Dragon Thrift Shop
In Memory of Marie & John Picuri
Ms. Maria Picuri Gress
In Memory of Mrs. Suzanne Walker
Mrs. Sally Downing
In Memory of Russ Kip
Uplift Family Services Guild-Happy Dragon Thrift Shop
In Memory of Russ Mechling
Ms. Lisa Alegria
In Memory of The boy child
with eyes pleading to belong
Donna M. Duncan-Austin
In Memory of Thomas Eberhard
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kron
In Recognition of The Butter
Paddle, Los Gatos
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Crimi