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Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was established to ensure that the promise of hope and healing will be kept alive for the next generation of children who may be victims of abuse and neglect. Members are recognized on the Legacy Wall and on our website. Please share with us your gift intentions so that we may include you in this honored circle of friends.

The Legacy Wall is dedicated to individuals who care for tomorrow's children by remembering Uplift Family Services in their estate plans.

For more information, please call Aviana Gracial at (323) 769-7111 or email.

We proudly recognize the members of the Legacy Society:

as of June 2015

Adrienne Murray*
Dorothy A. Anderson*
Archer Family Foundation
Craig A. Archer
Artemesia S. Vermillion*
Mr. Walter E. Atkinson, Jr.*
Joanie Bartels
Ruth B. Baus*
Karen Gail Beatton
Norwood T. Blackmun
Jeanne Cox Brady*
Genevieve Bush*
Patricia Byrne*
Phila M. Caldwell*
Charles & Beatrice Gerber*
Christian  Jensen*
Dan E. Cobb*
Helen Cockrum
Jocelyn and Greg Cortese
Fred and Karen Delgado
Donald Lavoie*
Ms. Dorothy A. Sasso Trust*
Allison Dozier
Fred Dultz*
Ella Margaret Davies*
 Esther M. Milton*
Glennie Mae  Adams*
Mary Fenstermacher
Robert L. Fraser*
G. N. Spencer*
Gail Gaston*
Marie Gallo*
Vita Germain and Donald Germain
Kathleen Granger
John H. Griffin*
Walter and Magda Grubbs
Bette G. Harmon
Susan Harward
Julien M.  Harwood*
Carmen D. Heckler*
Marie Hitchcock Family Trust*
John and Valerie Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Illig
Janice L. Koci Living Trust*
Paul L. & Faith C. Davies
Louise C. and Mark J. Johnson*
Gloria J. Jones-Taylor
Rodney W. Juhl*
John and Alice Kataoka*
Kathryn McKey Allen*
Catherine LeFevre
Leo Fields*
Mary V. Lesserd*
David J. and Betty L. Lloyd *
Louis R. Benny*
The Macdonald Family
Mary C.  Ryan*
Mary E. Gardner*
Mary R. Hansen*
Virginia McInerney*
 Alberta P. McNamara*
R. Donald and Therese McNeil
Mildred L. Zingals*
Jean R. Miller*
Gloria Montgomery*
Glenda and Robert Morgan
Dr. James and Judy Nelson
James E. Nelson*
Kemp Niver*
Ethel and Francis Elmer O'Connell*
Patricia McClure*
Pauline B. Sturmer*
Theodore R. Pearson*
William A. Peterson
Pofahl Estate
Mary K. Preuss*
Winifred Quijada*
Ernest H. Ralph and Rosemary Ralph Trust*
Carmel A. Reif *
Richard Volpe*
Katharine Jean Richman*
Mary E. Rose*
Rudolf Schiffmann*
Samuel W. Garretson*
Louis Schreiber*
Carol H. Sharer
 Emerson Shaw*
Elizabeth Sibley*
Laetitia and Bradley Slocum
Nadine Smith
Kathleen C. Soderstrom*
Scott C. Staub
Stella Laffer Spencer Fund*
George A. Studer*
Susan F. Laffer*
Geoffrey R. M.  Thomas
Jana L. Turner
Gwendolyn L. and Varian S. Green*
Theresa P. Wells*
William Kiersted*
Anita Williams*
Adam Garrett Wolk