Healing families. Strengthening communities.


“A child’s laugh is the best sound in the world.

When a child forgets how to laugh because of deep, emotional pain, Uplift Family Services is there to help.

Uplift Family Services works to keep families together – because they believe that every child needs to grow up at home with permanent and loving relationships.”

Steve Martin, Actor

“Child abuse is one of the most hideous crimes on the planet. It’s a stealing of innocence.”

Uplift Family Services helps abused children heal from trauma and works to prevent it from happening again.

Clint Eastwood, actor/director

“It takes hard work and dedication to become a champion.

Uplift Family Services and CEO Jerry Doyle have repeatedly been recognized as champions for youth who have been abused or who battle with addiction.”

Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Famer

“Child abuse is a silent epidemic in our country; millions are being abused each year.

We need to help the children and change the system so that these children–our children–can grow up with a brighter future. Uplift Family Services works hard to transform young lives and transform the systems that serve them.”

David Pelzer, Best-selling author, A Child Called it

“We talk about planning for our children’s future. Some kids need more help than others getting there.

Uplift Family Services helps children with complex emotional needs, such as severe depression, by focusing on their unique strengths.”

Charles R. Schwab, founder and chairman The Charles R. Schwab Foundation

“Uplift Family Services is a truly exceptional program dedicated to helping children and their families cope with the stress of emotional turmoil.

There are many facilities across the country that have dedicated people who try their best to help these children. However, what separates Uplift Family Services from the rest is not only the quality of the staff but their commitment to evaluate what they are doing, be aware of the latest research on best practices, and make sure they are delivering the most effective service available to this most needy group of children and their families.”

Al Duchnowski, Ph.D., Deputy Director and Co-Principal Investigator Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health University of South Florida

Preserving the family, healing the child

Uplift Family Services is the leading provider of children’s mental health and social services in California, helping more than 20,000 children and family members annually. The mission of Uplift Family Services is to transform the lives of children and families, and the systems that serve them—preserving the family, while healing the child.

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